Difficulty Making Friends

For the last project of their current bundle, Evite teamed up with SWNS to promote their business as a way to make and stay in touch with friends through online invitations. Evite moved forward with an angle about "Squadding Up," in which we examined making friends as an adult and the struggles that can come with that.


Evite was positioned as the solution to a problem Americans could relate to – which allowed the story to spread and earn great coverage.

We ran a survey of 2,000 American adults, then built a piece of news copy around the results. From there, the design team created a fun infographic, highlighting the key stats from the copy and incorporated Evite's brand guidelines, then a video to match.


The story was distributed less than a week ago, but already has 54 pieces of coverage, 1.13 million estimated coverage views and 26.6 thousand social shares. Coverage is off to a great start, and will only continue to increase.

The piece landed on top-tier sites like The Independent, Inc. and Ask Men, as well as the New York Post and Yahoo! News. It also landed on Fox News, and a video format of the story spread to a variety of local Fox news stations.

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