Difficulty Making Friends

We conducted a OnePoll survey for Evite, to explore the topic of friendships, and ask Americans how they feel about making new friends as an adult. Our research found that adults have an average of 16 friends, with three ‘friends for life’.



The aim of this campaign was to position Evite, a social planning website, as a solution to the challenge of how American adults meet and make new friends.

We ran a survey of 2,000 American adults, asking questions about their different friendship groups and their attitudes towards making friends. The insight gathered enabled us to build a news story around the data. From there, the design team created a fun infographic, highlighting the key stats from the copy and incorporated Evite's brand guidelines, with a video to further illustrate the key findings.


The story generated over 50 pieces of coverage, 1.13 million estimated coverage views and 27 thousand social shares. 

The piece landed on top-tier sites like The Independent, Inc. and Ask Men, as well as the New York Post and Yahoo! News. It also landed on Fox News, and a video format of the story spread to a variety of local Fox news stations.

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  2. INC.COM

  3. ASK MEN


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