Floyd’s 99 Barbershop

Style Regrets

To promote their barbershops, Floyd’s 99 teamed up with SWNS on a fun relatable story angle that looked at America’s biggest style regrets.


We ran a survey of 2,000 American adults, then built a piece of news copy around the results. From there, our design team created a fun infographic and video, highlighting the stats from the copy and using Floyd's 99 brand guidelines.


 To date, the story has

  • 71 pieces of coverage

  • 4.94 million estimated coverage views.

It landed on top-tier sites like Yahoo! News and the New York Post, as well as an extended news segment on the TODAY show and Fox8 Cleveland that included brand mentions.

 Check out the story!

  1. nbcnews.com

  2. dailymail.co.uk

  3. fox8.com