I and love and you


Our survey-story campaign for premium pet food brand, ‘I and Love and You’ explored the relationships Americans have with their pets.

“We were excited to partner with 72Point and SWNS because we knew our brand was unique and different but needed help with the right storyline and stats to make it viral. The team approached us to do a piece on preferential pet treatment, which we knew would land with our pet fanatic consumer target. What a great experience from start to finish. We learned deep valuable insights about our target market and received amazing earned coverage over a 3-week period.”

Lindsey Rabaut, VP of Marketing, I and love and you



We immediately knew the type of news story that would work for ‘I and Love and You’. The employee-owned company are self-proclaimed pet obsessives with a mission to “help all pets live happier, healthier lives”. We had to conduct research into how much pet parents really love their furry friends!

Among the insights gathered from our survey of 2,000 American pet owners, we discovered that one-third claim to prefer their fur babies over their actual children. The perfect attention-grabbing headline and news story was written, with data and key messaging to support the findings.

From there, the 72Point design team created a branded infographic and video to highlight the key stats from the survey and accompany the news story.


The page-ready news copy and visual assets were distributed to the press and soon notched up over 120 pieces of coverage, 10 million estimated coverage views and 13,000 social shares. 

The survey-story landed on top-tier news sites like People.com, New York Post, Fox and Yahoo! News, as well as a number of pet sites. A video format of the story spread on USA Today and to a variety of local Fox, CBS, NBC and ABC news stations.

Check out some of the highlights:

  1. People

  2. USA Today

  3. New York Post

  4. Fox News

  5. Yahoo! News

  6. The Ladders

  7. Marie Claire

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